Freitag, 12. Feb. 2016

W.K.ST.V. Unitas Heidelberg im UV

Gegründet am :11. Juli 1900
Farben: gold-weiß-blau (nicht getragen)
Wahlspruch: in necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas!
Prinzipien: virtus, scientia, amicitia!
Anschrift: Neuenheimer Landstraße 42
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12.02. Fr.  99 €    155 €
13.02. Sa.  120 €    165 €
14.02. So.  99 €    155 €
15.02. Mo.  110 €    155 €
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Zeit:  06:42
Mo, 08.02.  12°C 
Di, 09.02.  11°C 
Mi, 10.02.  6°C 
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  Alter 50 (private) sagt: Great hotel for a luxury stay. Loved welcome drink, wine in room, MB toiletries and bathroom, mirrors with lights and breakfast. Hairdrier is not powerful enough so need to provide a socket near dressing table. Need drawers in the room rather than t... » mehr
  Alter 50 (private) sagt: My sister and I enjoyed your hotel very much. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility on "your" side of the river as well as our walk over to the castle and town. Heidelberg proved to be on of our favorite towns during our Christmas Market t... » mehr
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