23 March 2017

Distance from hotel: 1.2 km

Heidelberg Town Hall

If you attend a conference or a meeting in the town hall Heidelberg you will be pleasantly notice, that you are not somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but right in the center of Heidelberg. Within walking distance you can access the town hall of Heidelberg from and to hotels. A good reason for your loved ones to accompany you to Heidelberg, since they can enjoy  the closeness to the city.
A walk to the town hall takes just 15 minutes and goes along the beautiful riverside of the Neckar. The town hall will be expanded in the next years. The planning is at the final stage and it is expected that the works will be begin in 2012 so that larger congresses can take place in Heidelberg.
For further information have a look at the official hompeage of Heidelberg.