16 April 2014
Culinary dates with esprit

A romantic candle light dinner to surprise somebody needs a lot of careful preparation. The atmoshphere has to be right with dimmed lights and pleasant ambiance. Hide away corners and discreet tables, to fully concentrate on your favourite date, make it happen and an attentive professional service who lives up to your expectations does the rest. The interiour of the French cuisine restaurant le Gourmet has been especially disigned as an evening restaurant with that purpose. An romantic evening out with somebody you care for in an outstanding setting you look for in vain elsewhere.
Candle Light & Roses Dinner
A 5-course menu, with draped rose petals all over your table – begin with a champagne aperitif. For the menu we can of course consider your allergies or dislikes. Just let our kitchen know beforehand.
Price per person €98,00

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For the Mensurstube oder the Le Gourmet. We can individually style it for you and include a special devotion
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  Alter 50 (private) sagt: The Hotel was conveniently located within walking distance to the old town .The room was nicely decorated and the staff very helpful .The restaurant and hotel were a little overpriced . » More
  Alter 40 (business) sagt: Ein uneingeschränkt empfehlenswertes Hotel mit Flair, ideal als Ausgangsbasis für einen Heidelberg-Besuch. » More
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