28 July 2015

Heidelberger Wingolf im WB

Gegründet am : 17. Juni 1851
Burschenband: blau-weiß-gold mit silberner Perkussion
Mütze: kornblaue Schildmütze, kleine gerade Form, weiß- goldener Rand, keine Raspel
Wahlspruch: Di henos panta! (Durch Einen Alles!)
Anschrift: Werrgasse 4
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  Alter 20 (private) sagt: The location is excellent: I have visited Heidelberg before and this location enables the traveler to connect with the city with ease. It is a perfect location for the leisure tourist, nonetheless, a little bit far away from the transportation hub (H... » More
  Alter 60 (private) sagt: When we travel to Europe, we have a routine of flying to Frankfurt, renting our car and driving to Heidelberg for a few days to get our ‘feet on the ground’. This year, for the first time, we decided to stay at the Hirschgasse. Although we arrived ea... » More
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