30 March 2017
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Heidelberg medical check up. A combination with the highly reputable university destination Heidelberg in the Metropolregion-Rhein-Neckar Germany. Choose from luxurious health and beauty clinics in Heidelberg by our conscierge recommendation service.
For long therm staying guests, who seek advice in a medical check up or surgical treatment, we offer also special medical rate arrangements, to combine the visit to one of the recommended clinics together with a private hotel atmosphere and two outstanding unique restaurants - the rustic Mensurstube and the elegant Le Gourmet

We combine very attractive conditions in our Medical Rates with the embracing peacefulness near the incline to the Philosopher's walk, which starts by our hotel. Create with us your personal Medical Arrangement which of course is also extendable towards your family  members (our two bedroomed Salon Suites sleep up to four persons). You will receive a personal booking code to unlock your preferred rate conditions, which are not accessible by the public.

Even your personal food preparation can be planned together with your individual eating habbits (lactose) or allergies. Also a food bring in can be organised, We offer service!
Following clinics we can recommend:

Heidelberg University Clinic - Information :
The Ruprecht-Karls-University is one of the oldest European universities and  the oldest in Germany. Download here a patient brochure, or obtain more information here  about your stay at the hospital
For international patients you find specific details also in Arabic and Russion language here  

Atos Clinic Heidelberg - Information :
Not only for athletic injuries the Atos clinic has a high reputation, which attracts top athlets worldwide to receive competent treatment.  The Atos clinic is located at the Bismarck square and reachable  by car from us within 7 minutes. Atos clients reside many a time with us and recount very positive about this clinic. Find following special sections and doctors here... 
Ethianum Clinic Heidelberg - Information :
A medical competence centre of unique quality can be found in the idyllic city of Heidelberg: the ETHIANUM, clinic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and preventive medicine. The ETHIANUM, which opened in October 2010, is one of the most state-of-the-art clinics in Europe. 
Find our more about the Ethianum here...
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