03 December 2016

K.D.ST.V. Ferdinandea-Prag im CV

Gegründet am : 27. März 1886
Burschenband: schwarz-weiß-orange
Mütze: schwarze Tellermütze, Samt, mit goldener Raspel
Wahlspruch: Fides est vita et scientiarum!
Anschrift: Graimbergweg 4
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  Alter 50 (private) sagt: Breakfast was ok, both dinners were excellent. » More
  Alter 50 (private) sagt: Great hotel for a luxury stay. Loved welcome drink, wine in room, MB toiletries and bathroom, mirrors with lights and breakfast. Hairdrier is not powerful enough so need to provide a socket near dressing table. Need drawers in the room rather than t... » More
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