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Excellent stay, very good staff assistance. Had a slight h... Mai 2012

Alter: 40 (business) am 07. Mai 2012

Excellent stay, very good staff assistance. Had a slight hitch in that the hotel had not received my updated reservation and charged me a no-show fee, but this was eventually refunded.


Kommentar: Short but easy walk from the Lufthansa Frankfurt airport shuttle. Just across the bridge from the central pedestrian area of town with excellent running/walking paths both up and down the river.


Hotel Kommentar:
London Olympics are calling... One can tell, that you are tremendously enjoying running and walking - and in the Hirschgasse Heidelberg we are surrounded by the best running and hiking tracks - even with rising profile to improve your mountain speed performance. Behind our hotel the Heidelberg triathlon Heidelbergman route goes by over the Philosophers walk which - on that event doesn't leave you a lot time to philosoph about. It starts on 29 July 2012. More on Perhaps you can make it - we look forward to welcome you back soon. best regards, Ernest Kraft
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